Go on, you know you want to. Guaranteed 100%, a new set of American Legend Wheels will give the love of your life a fresh, new look. And if upgrading for love isn’t enough, here are five more reasons to buy new wheels.



1950 Ford American Legend Wheels

Have you ever gotten a thud, thud, thud while you were cruising down the road? Maybe a constant shake through the steering wheel or a vibration from your seat?

Each of these is a pretty clear indicator that you’ve got a bent or buckled wheel. The first thing you should do is inspect each wheel for unusual tire wear, possible cracks, dents or bents. If it’s not obvious, you may have to spin it up to visually verify if it’s bent out of shape. It’s also possible that your wheel weight is off or your tire has bubbled, and if that’s the case, it can easily be fixed or swapped.

If you do come to find you have a buckled wheel, your options are either to repair or replace.

Many of the bigger tire shops will repair, i.e. straighten, small buckles or dents in factory steel wheels. Alloy rims, on the other hand, are less conducive to repair, especially if they’re cracked. In this case, you’ll need to seek the advice of a specialist wheel repairer. If the buckled wheel is beyond repair, it’s time to swap the old wheel for a new one.

If that’s the case, American Legend has plenty of options and finishes that can match any bank account.



Modern cars stop infinitely better than old classics, which is why brake upgrades are such a popular modification. If you want to go extra big on the brakes (as many enthusiasts do), you’ll need to step up to a larger diameter wheel.

For American Legend Wheels, big brakes are no problem. Even our affordable 17” Classic Muscle Series designs will accommodate up to 13” (330mm) rotors, while our 18’s will clear set-ups using 14” (355mm) rotors. If you decide to go super hard-core (including high-offset caliper/shallow rotor combinations), you’ll need to upgrade to a custom-made, forged-billet Street Elite (2-piece) or Pro-Touring (3-piece) design.

Our specially tailored, Forged-Billet centers are engineered to clear the biggest, most extreme brake packages known to man. Including (but certainly not limited to): Brembo, Wilwood, CPP, Baer, Stainless Steel Brakes, StopTech, Harrop, AP Racing, K Sport, Alcon, and Raceline.



american legend wheel

Want your classic muscle car to handle, steer, and turn like a modern, high-performance machine? No problem.

The aftermarket offers a huge array of re-engineered suspension and chassis systems that will drag your old-school cruiser, kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Such wholesale suspension and chassis mods, along with less comprehensive changes (like simple lowering and/or air-bag systems), will often require wheels with a custom offset.

American Legend’s 1-piece Classic Muscle Series are designed with off-the-shelf offsets to accommodate a broad array of standard to heavily modified machinery. Need a full custom offset? Again, not a problem. American Legend’s Street Elite (2-piece) and Pro-Touring (3-piece) wheels are custom-made to your specifications to precisely fit your car.



American Legend Wheels

Do you need a custom offset, bolt pattern (PCD), center bore or spigot clearance? American Legend is your answer!

Custom made to your exact specifications, our Street Elite (2-piece) and Pro-Touring (3-piece) designs can be machined to suit just about any configuration imaginable. Offsets range from mega deep-dish, with as little as 3-inches of backspace, right through to completely-flush, super-high offset configuration. Additionally, large-spindle front hubs/uprights, full-floating rear ends, over-sized wheel studs, race-style center spigot, custom suspension and custom mounting configurations are not a problem, either.

At American Legend – we can do it all!



American Legend Wheels Rim

Wheels undoubtedly make or break the look of any car. And while you might not ‘NEED’ new wheels, as a car guy, it’s totally understandable why you’d ‘WANT’ a set of brand-spankin’ new American Legend stunners.

Trust us, we have plenty of ammo for why you should get a new set. A gorgeous set of American Legend Wheels will give your ride that all-important finishing touch and truly make it stand out from the crowd. Your chosen design tells everyone your car is much more than just a means of getting from Point-A to Point-B. You get to choose what statement you want your car to make about you.

That’s why customized finishes are an American Legend specialty. We love nothing more than giving our extraordinary Street Elite (2-piece) and Pro-Touring (3-piece) designs their own unique style and flavor with our vast selection of custom finishes and/or powder-coated colors.

Regardless of why you choose to get a new set of wheels, you’re in luck because we have options for you.

What’s your style? #StayRebellious