American Legend and Week to Wicked!

We are extremely proud to be the wheels of choice for the Hot Rod Networks Week to Wicked project cars.

Tune in everyday this week to follow the guys from Super Chevy as they embark on a frantic few days of turning this restored 1972 Chevy Camaro into a Pro-Touring inspired beast!

Nobody said this would be easy, but when you promise to transform a car from blah to wow in just 7 days then you should expect a headache or two, maybe three. Such is the case with our Super Chevy Week To Wicked Presented by CPP. Day one is usually the easiest, since pull stuff apart is way easier than putting it all together.

If you’re behind on the backstory we bought a stalled out 1972 Camaro project. Yep, some guy was halfway through a rebuild and for whatever reason lost interest and left it to languish. We bought the Chevy and got it to running and driving condition. An old small-block we had laying around, a three-speed trans, typical stockish stuff. After all, starting out with a stripped car would be cheating, so we got it back to a fairly restored state.